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5 Brands Worth Following on TikTok

5 Brands Worth Following on TikTok

TikTok has quickly become an integral part of digital marketing as it provides brands with a new platform to engage with their audience. But that's not all. It provided them with a place to step outside their comfort zone and explore their creativity.

In this article, we'll look at 5 examples of brands that fully understand the rules of the game on TikTok and aren't afraid to step outside the status quo. In other words - brands worth following. Here they are:

If you're a foreign language lover, you've probably heard of Duolingo. However, it turns out that the app, which can easily teach you any language, specializes not only in the field of education, but also in being an absolute TikTok star. Trust us - the Duolingo account is an endless source of comedic situations that can make you forget you're watching corporate-branded content.

Duo, the app's mascot owl, is at the heart of all the craziness that happens there. He appears in humorous skits, pokes fun at the difficulties of language learning, menacingly stalks anyone who hasn't done their homework for the day, proposes marriage to singer Dua Lipa, leaves wacky comments on other users' videos, and happily engages in every single new trend.

This approach has brought Duolingo as many as 11 million followers on the platform, and accumulated profile likes of over 270 million. It's clear that people have a deep appreciation for the Duo Owl and all their crazy adventures as a digital influencer. And if you too want to watch a language learning app terrorize its users, it might be worth following Duolingo on TikTok.

For all the people who understand that the destination is important, not how you get there - these two TikTok profiles are for you! Ryanair and FlixBus have found a unique niche in TikTok - that of the low-cost travel company. Here, self-irony plays a major role in the content, and the courage to say what everyone thinks out loud sets these companies  ahead of everyone else.

TikTok is a place that values ​​authenticity. Content creators who, all natural, in their pajamas or with shaggy hair, share their thoughts or funny ideas are much more successful than those who try to create only the best and most polished content. That is why brands have one task - to learn to behave like ordinary consumers.

And Ryanair and FlixBus do it best. We all know that both companies do not offer the most luxurious travel conditions, but they are extremely cheap. This fact can be a source of a lot of jokes and teasing - both with the brands themselves and with their users.

So if you want to follow an airline or bus company that boldly gets into every meme, isn't afraid to engage with its audience and laugh at itself - these two profiles are for you.

Red Bull has long been more than just an energy drink. The company today is more associated with extreme sports and setting records in disciplines that you can't even imagine exist. And this reputation works very well in combination with the development of the brand's social networks.

With the Red Bull TikTok account, you can find exactly what you expect - extreme adventures that get crazier with time. The brand collaborates with both lesser-known sports fans and ultra-popular sports influencers who are stars in their field. The content is filmed in different parts of the world and in all kinds of non-standard locations. Followers have the opportunity to enjoy mind-blowing stunts, see what goes on behind the scenes, and get a dose of real motivation from some of the best athletes of our time.

Does this sound like something you would dedicate some of your social media time to? If yes, feel free to follow Red Bull on TikTok, it's definitely worth it.

  • Scrub Daddy

Yes, yes, we know that nothing is impossible. But for a company that makes sponges to amass 4 million followers on its TikTok account and have a solid group of dedicated fans, that already sounds incredible. It turns out, however, that it is an absolute fact.

Introducing Scrub Daddy - a company that started its journey to popularity from the American show Shark Tank. Although it walked away with great success and a $200,000 investment secured, no one would have guessed at the time that the little yellow smiley-face sponge would actually turn out to be one of the most successful products ever to grace the screen.

But so much for the history of the company. Let us now tell you why her TikTok account is worth following. In a few words - it represents a true master class on how a brand can speak the language of its audience.

Scrub Daddy doesn't shy away from laughing at itself, using more direct language with its followers, clearly establishing itself as a true influencer in its niche. A lot of the videos just show how a product works and yet the views are extremely high. This is due to the humor, the self-irony, the bold engagement with the audience.

If you haven't heard of Scrub Daddy and want to know how a sponge can become a real TikTok influencer - check out their profile and see for yourself.

TikTok offers a unique opportunity for brands to connect with their audience in a fun and engaging way. The success of Duolingo, Ryanair, FlixBus, Red Bull and Scrub Daddy on the platform demonstrates the power of creative content and successful digital and influencer marketing. By using humor and engaging their community, these brands are not only expanding their reach every day, but also building deeper connections with their audience.