People often ask us...

What can I achieve for my brand through an influencer marketing campaign?

According to the campaign’s main goal - you can reach more customers, get more brand engagement, grow your audience on social media, generate more website visits, grow your sales and get more brand recognition.

Can you provide us with information about the target audience for influencers?

We work with a database of over 400+ influencers and we have access to statistics for all their social networks, which include reach, impressions, comments, target audience, views per video & engagement rate. When we prepare a proposal and select specific influencers for a campaign, we send detailed information as well as the expected result for the entire campaign period.

What are your services (what do you do throughout the process) and are they paid separately?

We create the perfect influencer marketing campaign for you, we find the right influencers for your brand according to their statistics - number of followers, enegagement rate, impressions and the demographics of their audience. During the campaign we manage the whole process - we take care of the communication with the influencers, the scheduling, signing contracts and sending content to the client for approval. At the end of the campaign, we prepare a detailed final report with the results of the campaign. Our services are included in the proposal for influencer marketing campaign that is sent to the client.

What determines the budget for a one-time influencer marketing campaign?

The budget is determined by the selection of influencers, the set criteria for product positioning, and of course - the number of activities within the influencer marketing campaign.

The longer the campaign, the smaller the budget, as the influencer's collaboration with the brand becomes more organic and natural in the long run.