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Many years ago we saw the potential in influencer marketing, when no one believed that this was a thing or even knew about it. We coined the word "Influencer" and took it upon us to educate people and make them see the potential. Then we worked on establishing norms and guidelines in the sphere.

Now, years and many brand partnerships later, we continue to lead the influencer marketing scene in Bulgaria. We believe that professionalism and expertise unlock potential. And that's what we are serving to our clients and partners. Let's see how we can help you! Let's see how we can help you!

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Campaign across multiple platforms

A campaign with Remix that ran on most major social networks: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Spotify / Apple Podcasts. Its aim was to promote purchasing second hand clothes and we knew that influencers held the key to reaching the right audience. We decided on influencers with different numbers of followers who created a variety of content. The campaign included everything from Instagram posts, YouTube and TikTok videos to a segment on a podcast episode. The campaign's message quickly spread, achieving an impressive reach of over 356,000 and impressions of over 448,000 in just two months.



2 months






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