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The Influencers Who Do Not Show Their Faces

The Influencers Who Do Not Show Their Faces

In the ever-evolving social media platforms, people often gain success thanks to boldly putting their faces for everyone to see. Few, however, have managed to amass an enviable following without ever revealing their identity. And who are they? Let's take a look at some of the most successful influencers who never show their faces.

Corpse Husband has become a sensation in the world of online content creation, captivating audiences with his deep voice and the engaging way he tells stories. He started his YouTube career reading real-life horror stories that enjoyed relatively good popularity. He soon appeared on Twitch as well, where he quickly expanded his audience and influencer reach. During the pandemic, he became one of the most popular streamers who played "Among Us" live with his friends. Meanwhile, he was also developing his music career, with his most viral track “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE” currently having 57 million views on YouTube.

Despite his immense popularity, Corpse Husband has never revealed his face. Instead, he uses an animated avatar based on Frank from the psychological thriller Donnie Darko. On Instagram, where he has 2.7 million followers, he posts only his hands, often adorned with rings or bracelets. His mysterious personality only fueled curiosity, contributing to his meteoric rise to fame and solidifying his status as one of the most successful influencers in the digital realm.

HowToBasic is an enigmatic figure in the YouTube influencer world, known for his chaotic and unconventional tutorials on topics ranging from cooking to home improvement. Although he never shows his face, his channel has amassed millions of subscribers, drawn to the absurdity and humor of the content they can find there. This crazy parody of an educational YouTube channel is still popular even 12 years after its creation. Today, the channel has as many as 17.5 million subscribers, and each new video receives at least 1.5 million views.

One of the most famous days in the history of HowToBasic is March 24, 2018, when, to the surprise of subscribers, the video "Face Reveal" was published. It started with a bang when Vsauce, the creator of another popular channel, announced that he was the person behind HowToBasic. Just a few minutes later, another popular YouTuber appears in the frame, stating that HE is actually HowToBasic. What follows is an endless stream of famous faces, each claiming the same thing. It's impossible to tell if anyone's telling the truth, though fans believe it's possible the real HowToBasic slipped in somewhere amid the chaos of the video.

Daily Dose of Internet is a YouTube channel that brings viewers a curated compilation of fascinating, funny and weird videos from around the internet. Millions of subscribers regularly stream his video content to get their daily dose of internet entertainment. What sets Daily Dose of Internet apart is the minimalist approach; no flashy intros or gimmicks, just a simple montage of clips accompanied by nice music and short introductory words from the creator of the channel. This understated style allows the content to speak for itself without being distracting or demanding too much attention.

Thanks to his calm voice and his knack for curating the best videos on the internet, Daily Dose of Internet has become a beloved part of the YouTube community. Although he does not show his face in videos, this does not stop viewers from following his channel, which currently has as many as 18 million subscribers.

Actually, the man behind the Daily Dose Of Internet is far from mysterious. His name is Jason, and during one of his Instagram Lives, he accidentally drops the camera, revealing his face. Despite this incident, as well as the fact that he sometimes appears in his friends' videos, he doesn't let it affect the way he runs his channel. To this day, he still hasn't revealed his face in a video of his.


  • YouTube animators 


There is a whole realm of content creators on YouTube who hardly ever show their faces. And that's for one simple reason - they don't need to. YouTube animators bring their stories to life through digital drawings that they hand-paint, voice and animate. This type of content captivates audiences with its unique style and boundless creativity, and some of the animators have enjoyed massive success on YouTube. Here are two of them:

  • James Rallison, known by his online nickname "TheOdd1sOut", is known for his humorous animated stories. With a distinctive artistic style and witty narration, he shares anecdotes from his life covering topics ranging from awkward social encounters to the trials and tribulations of growing up. Today, his channel boasts a whopping 19.7 million subscribers, and his face, while familiar to his most loyal followers, is rarely seen in the content he creates.

  • Jaiden Animations’ videos offer a mix of personal stories, comedy sketches and insightful observations. With her signature art style and likeable characters, she brings her experiences and musings to life, creating videos that resonate with people of all ages.

Despite her wish to remain anonymous, her face is exposed online against her will. Since then, she gradually began to appear with her face in the videos of her friends, but not in her own channel. However, the channel’s popularity continues to grow and to date, Jaiden Animations has 12.6 million subscribers.

In an age where authenticity is valued above all else, influencers who don't show their faces have found a way to connect with audiences on a deeper level. One thing is for sure, they have proven that when it comes to content creation, having something different, creative and sincere to tell your audience, is the most key element of success.